"We are a South African company providing transport service vital to the growth of the South African economy. Our mission is to create superior value for our shareholders, our customers and our employees.

Our vision is to be Better than the Best, which means:
• Employees are proud of their success as a team
• Customers, suppliers, and government prefer us
• Competitors respect us
• Communities welcome us
• Investors are eager to invest in us

Our approach to the business is based on
• Committed team values
• Total quality management
• Protecting People and Environment
• Delighted customers
• Long-term relationships
• Social Responsibility

NC  practices the following value-driven principles:

Customer principle:
NC  focuses its activities on creating and delivering customer value. We understand our customers. We focus on ways to create value for our customers and delivering superior customer value. We build long-term relationships (direct or indirect) with our customers.

Competitor Principle:
NC offers customers superior value to competitive alternatives. NC recognizes that competitive strategies have important influences on our customers. We consider not only the value our products and services offer to customers, but also whether we offer value superior to competitive products and services.

Pro-active Principle:
NC does not just sit back and wait for changes in markets and environments and react to them. While reacting to environments is usually sound strategy, NC is also proactive and willing to change markets and environments to improve our competitive positions. NC has the right and responsibility to survive and succeed by changing environmental relationships.

Continuous improvement Principle:
NC recognizes the need to work continuously to improve our operations, processes, strategies, and products and services. NC searches constantly for better ways to deliver value to our customers.